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Cloth Diaper Consultation

Book your at home private cloth diaper consultation. During your one hour consultation, we can do any of the following:

- Personalized cloth diaper workshop: benefits, what you need to get started, styles of cloth diapers, how to clean your diapers, etc.

- Discuss and tackle any problems or concerns you may be having with using cloth diapers (washing routine, smelly diapers, detergent issues, etc).

- Help you organize and set up your cloth diapers so that your system works well.

- Teach you (and your partner) how to use the specific diapers you have chosen with the baby or without the baby.

- Look over any current diapers you have, offer suggestions for additional items to purchase and where to go.


If you would like more than a one hour consultation, please increase your quantity in your shopping cart to the number of hours you would like.


Purchase HERE and you will receive an email to set up a personalize time with Natalie.


About Natalie:

I am a mother to 4 beautiful children and a wife to Jamin. Together, my husband and I have been cloth diapering for 7 years now with all 4 of our children. I have extensive knowledge and experience with a large variety of cloth diapers, washing machines, and routines. We have used cloth diapers on newborns, babies and toddlers, as well during the day and overnight.