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Babywearing 101

What is Babywearing?

Babywearing is the process of wearing your baby on you! Wraps, slings, and carriers are all examples of baby wearing products.


Babywearing 101

As an expert in the babywearing field, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service for helping you choose the correct carrier for you!

Many families come in to talk us  about carrying their baby. Often, they are coming in because they are finding it difficult to cope with all the tasks of the home while keeping baby happy. They are also coming in because they love taking part in the outdoors and want to comfortably involve their baby or child in their nature experience (hikes, walks in the park, walking to daycare or school). I am so happy to see parents wanting to take part in this wonderful bonding experience. Babies love to be carried and love to be close to their parents. It is human nature to want intimate contact with others. So why not keep them as close as possible when they are young.

Wearing your baby has so many benefits for your BABY

* Your baby will feel safe and secure while you wear them.

* Your baby will cry less, comforted by the sound of your heart beat they grew to rely on in the womb.

* Your baby will be able to experience the world from our perspective and enjoy what is going on on around him/her.

* Your baby will develop a close bond with you.

* As a result, BABY will be happier :)


Wearing your baby also has so many benefits for YOU

* You will be able to enjoy your baby and be close to your baby.

* You will have more time to accomplish daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

* You will develop a strong bond with your baby.

* You will be able to enjoy regular eye contact with your baby.

* You will be able to enjoy the sounds and noises your baby makes.

* As a results, YOU will be happier :)


Wearing your baby should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. Many families start wearing their babies as soon as they are born!


What types of baby carriers are available and how do I choose?

There are many many many different types and styles of baby carriers available. Just as shopping for any product, you need to find which carrier type works best for you, your partner and your baby at a specific stage in their development. As your baby grows and develops, yours and your baby’s needs may change. Often starting out with a wrap or sling for a newborn baby is a great way to welcome baby into the world and keep them close to you. Soft, flexible materials that put baby as close to your heart and body as possible are extremely beneficial for new babies. As baby grows and becomes heavier, moving towards a soft structured carrier or mei tai becomes more ideal. Baby can be worn on the front, back or even hip with these carriers. They can support weights of up to 45 lbs, making them perfect for carrying around your toddler while hiking, walking to work or just around the house.


Wraps - A wrap carrier is a long piece of fabric that is either tied or wrapped around their caregiver's body. Wrap carriers are an excellent carrier for a newborn! They work wonderfully for older children as well when made of a woven material; however, this style of carrier allows you to wear your newborn safely and secure from the moment they are born. Head and neck support is easy with a wrap carriers – the material is wrapped around the baby to ensure security. Stretchy wraps like the Boba Wrap are a simple and easy place to start when thinking about using wraps. Stretchy wraps are the perfect newborn wrap option and will keep you and baby comfy for up to 6 months.


Sling - A ring sling is a piece of fabric designed to go over one shoulder and cross to the opposite hip. A ring is used to attach and adjust the fabric. A sling is an wonderful carrier for babies that like to be worn on the hip or for parents who want to nurse discretely. Newborns also enjoy being worn in a sling and feel very secure and close to the parent. Slings are not the best choice for parent’s who have back problems (much of the weight is carried on one side of the body). Slings are also ideal for quick uses, such as running in to the grocery store, going for a short walk to the convenience store or just around the house here and there. Because a sling is one shouldered, you may find that it does not give you a hands free feeling. If you are looking for a carrier to "get things done" around the house, we suggest a wrap or soft structured carrier. We love our True North Ring Slings - they are made in Canada with the softest linen!


Soft Structure Carrier - A soft structured carrier is a two shoulder carrier that also includes a waist band. These carriers offer shape and form even when the carrier is not being worn. They look similar to a back pack. These carriers work especially well with older babies due to the fact that they offer more support.

The Tula Free to Grow is a carrier that fits most easily and can be used with baby from 7-45 lbs truly and comfortably. It features a hood and small pocket on the waist belt. The infant insert is incorporated into the design and has three seat positions to accommodate baby as they grow! Baby can be worn inward front and inward back. Shoulder straps are worn back pack style only.

The Lillebaby is a supportive carrier with many additional features. It features a lumbar support pad on the back, a hood and head rest along with a pocket on the front. Infant insert is incorporated into the carrier and has two seat positions for baby as they grow. Baby can be worn inward front, outward front, inward back and hip carry position. Shoulders strap can be worn back pack style and criss cross. The Lillebaby carries babies from 7-45 lbs.

The Ergo Baby 360 fits babies 8-35 lbs! It features a padded head rest on the front. Infant insert is incorporated into the carrier and has two seat positions for baby as they grow. Baby can be worn inward front, outward front, inward back and hip carry position. Shoulders strap can be worn back pack style and criss cross.  

The Original Ergo Baby Carrier fits babies from 7-45 lbs. It features a hood and large front pocket. There is no incorporated insert, therefore you must purchase an additional infant insert or roll up a receiving blanket (our recommendation). Baby can be carried inward front and inward back. Shoulders strap can be worn back pack style.

Be sure to check out our Babywearing Tutorial Trial Program - a risk free way to determine which carrier is best for you and your family!